The Tortoise and Your Healthcare (part four)

3 months into chemo life sucks, no mushrooms, no cold drinks but I have music back. I go for my routine check up and they find a lump in my neck. My doctor orders a biopsy saying he doesn’t know what it is but is concerned. So after waiting two weeks for the results they tell me they need a bigger sample. I have to go in for surgery this time as they are just gonna remove the lump all together. Then another two weeks go by and they tell me it’s thyroid cancer. I get a new specialist to see (looks age appropriate lol) he says something that scares the absolutely monkey shit out me. He says that in the twenty years he’s been dealing with this I am the first person he has seen to have this cancer but none of the warning signs along the way. I’m like got damn doc I don’t wanna break new ground for you lol. So they start to tell me what they are gonna do and the possibilities of what could happen. Now I understand why they would want to tell what could go wrong but holy fuck they just shouldn’t! The main thing he mentioned was that they could damage my vocal chords. This shook me i was nervous as hell about that. Look I spent a lot of time doing music and it is one of the few things I am damn good at the thought of him fuckin up and sounding different is terrifying. The other thing He mentions is possible nerve damage but not to be worried. I go in for surgery on December the 9th stay over night And am released to go home. Finally get to bed and my phone rings it’s my job. The HR lady on the other end sounds so perky and upbeat it instantly annoys me. She asks how I’m doing and what my projected timeframe is. I tell her that all together maybe 8 months. This bitch already knew and said well they’ve told us a year (like why the fuck did u ask?). So she says we are going to have to let you go as we cannot have your position left vacant for that long. This is a call center that has a hard time keeping people it shall remain nameless. They were in the middle of a buyout and were cutting deadweight. But she wouldn’t come out and say that nah that would be too honest. Meanwhile I lose my shit crying but not cussing her out just upset. She goes on to say that my benefits will run out at the end of the month. I’m in the middle of treatments and I’m losing my coverage, this shit sandwich is getting served up big mac style. This bitch had absolutely no empathy what so ever, she’s talking to me like I’m not going through anything major. Like not even an Im sorry nothing just some perky ass latte drinking dumpster slut. (Sorry had to go there) I go to my original doc and he tells me we need to do radiation which will just be a pill, but the good news is no more chemo. I tell him I just lost my job and he goes on to say and I’m paraphrasing here there’s no way you can afford the next step. I lose my shit so much so this time they advise me to go to therapy. It was free so I said fuck it best way to enter therapy lol. They help me deal with the stress and dealing with the state I needed all the help I could get. It was a brutal 3 month process of paperwork and bullshit ass questions. One requirement was to have baby moms write a letter saying I took care of our daughter. Finally after jumping through all their hoops I get coverage. My doctors waste no time and I’m off to radiation.